Kerikeri, New Zealand
Exclusive - 2 Suites, 4 Guests

Please Familiarize Yourself With Our Policies, Terms And Conditions And Other Important Information To Ensure An Enjoyable Stay

(NB:  Variations to our Policies and T&C’s can only be agreed on by prior arrangement with the owner in writing)

Check In / Check Out Times

Check In Time:   4:00-20:00 (8:00 pm)

Check Out:         10:30 am

Check In time is 4:00 pm – our room servicing, so your accommodation will be to the highest standards, does take time after our previous guests have moved onto their next adventure.

 Check Out time is 10:30 am – this allows us adequate time to service your room after you leave for our next guests. 

  • Arriving early – please contact us to see if your Suite is ready, when we are at full capacity we would definitely be unable to accept arrivals before 4:00 pm, although we will do our very best to accommodate your request – we appreciate your understanding
  • Arriving late – please contact us if you anticipate your arrival will be after 8:00 pm – thank you

If you are looking for things to do when you reach Kerikeri, and have a little time prior to booking in, please check out some of our local eateries, historic places, and shopping.  We’ve put together a guide of  the ‘must see’ attractions and experiences to enjoy while you are in Northland as a starting point for you.  If you are arriving early and wish to leave your luggage with us while you explore Kerikeri you are welcome – although kindly advise us ahead of time in case we are out-and-about ourselves.

On your day of Check Out – you are welcome to leave your luggage with us and collect it at a pre-arranged time prior to your departure.

House Rules

We want you to have the most memorable and relaxed time while you are with us… to assist with this, and as there may be other guests staying with us at the same time, we respectfully advise you of a couple of House Rules for everyone’s benefit:

Strictly no smoking 

We are a non-smoking residence – this applies to in your room and in the house – if you do wish to smoke there are plenty of areas outdoors  for you to relax and enjoy.  You are very welcome to wander in the garden, take a few quiet moments on the deck watching the sun go down, or do a bit of star gazing before bedtime.  We are non-smokers and wish to have our home as 100% non-smoking for the pleasure of all our guests.                                        

Please don’t flush anything that’s not natural!

Please don’t put anything down the basin, shower drain, or toilet, that isn’t 100% natural.

As a rural, self sufficient property, we have our own septic system for treating our waste water and it’s unable to process anything that isn’t natural –  so please use the rubbish bins provided for any sanitary items, plastic, rubber, metal or anything else that shouldn’t be flushed.

We provide complimentary sanitary bags that may be used for anything that needs to be popped into a plastic bag before disposal.

Thanks – we appreciate your conscious awareness of our “don’t flush anything that’s not natural”  requirements 🙂

Behaviour, Damages, Breakages, Theft and Loss

We endeavour to keep to the highest standards for our guests and  require certain standards and conditions to be complied with.  We reserve the right to ask for your co-operation should any behaviour be unsuitable, and charge you for any damages, breakages, theft and loss that are incurred by us during your stay.  

Children and Pets


We love children… although we need to ensure you are aware that the maximum occupancy in our Suites is two, and best suited to two adults sharing the same bed.  Hence, if you require accommodation for children or babies, our property may not be the best choice for your stay.  There are many options catering for family styled accommodation locally – if you need assistance please contact us so we may offer some lovely properties for your consideration.


We have a delightful menagerie of pets living with us in our home… two cute Maltese, a very intelligent cat (or is that mischievous), and two colourful parrots.  Therefore, although we adore pets of all shapes and sizes, we are sadly unable to accommodate your pet on our property without causing a bit of havoc – as you can imagine.  So, if you are travelling with your pet, then we would suggest seeking alternative arrangements for your visit to Kerikeri, as we unable to accommodate any additional four legged friends.   

Please also see the Special Requests and Health information regarding staying with us if you suffer from any pet related allergies – as our pets do come inside our home, and naturally we wouldn’t want you to suffer from any allergies during your visit.

Guest Food Preparation

No Guest Cooking Facilities

Please be aware that there are no cooking facilities available for guests in the house – you do have the use of a shared fridge for keeping food or beverage items that you may wish to consume during your stay, or for your picnics on the beach – possibly some fresh fruit etc, but we are unable to offer cooking facilities. 

Tea, Coffee, Water

During your stay there is always available for you complimentary tea, coffee and cold filtered water (fresh, clean rain water, filtered and UV treated – no chemicals or additives).

Alfresco Dining – BBQ

There is an outdoor BBQ for self-cook guest use – please remember to leave it how you found it – nice and clean for the next guests!


We are a boutique accommodation business, and as such you can appreciate cancellations have a large impact on our sustainability.

Naturally, we understand unforeseen circumstances can affect your travel arrangements, and although we will always endeavour to re-book your Suite should a cancellation be required, our policy is to reserve the right to charge cancellation fees as follows:

  • Cancellation or *changes to your reservation – we require 7 days’ notice – no fees apply (*reservation changes are subject to availability)
  • Cancellation within a 7 day period of your reservation – this will incur a 30% charge of the total fee including taxes for your entire booking
  • Cancellation within 3 days or less of your reservation – this will incur a 100% charge of the total fee including taxes for your entire booking

As mentioned above… we do our utmost to re-book your reservation, and will be happy to waive any cancellation fees if we are able to do so.

Please let us know as soon as your plans change so we may attempt to minimize any cost for you.

Travelling is an amazing experience, and to ensure you can enjoy it to the full, we do suggest our guests invest in travel insurance to provide peace of mind during your holiday.

Please note if we do not receive funds by way of a 10% deposit confirming your reservation we reserve the right to cancel the booking, although no cancellation will be made without communicating with you.

Reservations and Payment Methods

You may check availability for your intended stay and make reservations instantly on our website – please go to our Book Now page for details – we have special offers from time to time and the very best deals when you book direct!

Too check the best rates you are welcome to contact Lavender Vale directly on +64 27 554 9999 or email us at info@lavendervale.co.nz to reserve your Suite.  Please advise the date you are wishing to arrive, how many nights you wish accommodation for, and how many guests (please note: both of our rooms have a two person maximum occupancy).

We are also listed on a number of accommodation websites – so you may also book via one of these if you wish.  We do offer the very best rates to guests booking directly with us, so please contact us for your best price option, seasonal specials and a variety of packages we offer which may include additional services, meals and activities/excursions that we can book on your behalf.

We accept a variety of methods of payment for your stay with us… cash, bank transfers and Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards  and American Express.   Payments by debit or credit card will incur a 2.95% transaction fee to cover the fees associated with processing these payments.

When your reservation is made we request a valid credit card number, expiry date and your CVV number, so we may process a 10% deposit.  The remainder of your account will be settled prior to your departure.

With direct bookings of short notice, long duration or special event bookings – we reserve the right to charge up to a 50% deposit – this will be discussed with you directly and detailed in your booking confirmation.

If you have booked and paid via another service – there may be additional payments and policies in the terms and conditions for this provider – please check with them directly for their specific policies.

All rates are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include 15%  GST (Goods and Services Tax) which is applicable to all New Zealand transactions.

Health & Safety

General  Health and Allergies 

If you do have any personal health concerns we need to be aware of please advise us prior to your stay.

Our home is newly built so it is very sound and dry – and we are very conscious of using cleaning products that are kind to humans and the environment. 

Please be aware that with our property being set in the idyllic countryside, in what is fondly known as the “tropical Far North”… we are favored with hotter and more humid conditions than the rest of the country.  If you are prone to allergies from pollen or plants, or are particularly susceptible to insect bites or stings, then please come prepared.  New Zealand thankfully doesn’t have many nasty or poisonous creatures – so it is more of a nuisance factor than anything dangerous.

If you suffer allergies from any common house hold items please let us know.  Or, if you have animal allergies, then please be aware we have domestic pets on the property.  If you would like to see our fur and feather children please do check out our About Us page.  Our animals roam freely in the house and the grounds (although not permitted in your room – unless you leave the door open!).  If you are nervous with pets or have allergies then we respectfully suggest our property may sadly not be suitable for your stay. 

Be Sun Conscious  

In the Far North, we are blessed with lots of sunshine – and it can be quite unpleasant if you get sun burnt… our UV levels are high in comparison with some parts of the world, even taking locals by surprise sometimes.   Simple precautions of using an effective sun block, and wearing a hat outdoors will help provide protection from the sun.  As we say down-under… slip, slop, slap and wrap... slip on a shirt, slop on some sun block, slap on a hat and wrap on some sunglasses!  Then you’re good to go!


As with any new environment you are visiting there may be some safety precautions to be aware of.  When you arrive we will have a safety briefing running through any items we feel you should be mindful of. We are very conscious of guest safety and should there be anything you are concerned about please let us know immediately. 

During your stay with us we not accept an liability for any accidents or injuries that occur.

Our location is generally very safe and secure, and although we take every care to ensure your safety during your stay with us we do not accept liability for any damage or loss of personal property that occurs during your visit.  As an added security measure video surveillance operates on the exterior of the house.  

Special Diet Requests/Food Allergies

Special Dietary Requests

An essential part of a Bed and Breakfast stay is of course the breakfast… and we love providing you with a scrumptious and wholesome start to your day.

Each morning we have a variety of food options on our menu, although for special dietary requirements (i.e. gluten free) then we would appreciate advice with your booking so may be prepared for your stay.

Food Allergies

If you have any food allergies – then please mention these, as particularly with international guests there may be items we use that you may not be accustomed to.  If you have severe allergic reactions to foodstuffs such as nuts, shellfish etc, then please ensure you make us aware of these.  If you wish to review examples of our breakfast menu please check them out here.


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